Get fonts from images

Have you seen some pictures with great wordings in great fonts?. Do u want to get the Font and try your own.

Jus go to and download the fonts. Here are the steps to do it.

1. Note that the image should have enough spacing around the corners and legible.

2. Use characters that have distint shape in the image.

3. Let the height of the fonts be atleast 100 px.

4. The text in then image should be horizontal.

5. Make sure that the characters are not touching each other. Dont try for the text that have cursive letters or Hand written characters.

6. Now upload the image or give the url of the image and click upload.

7. You will get set of images with characters similar to the characters in the image. Look at each image and make sure the text box agrees with the character highlighted in the image. Leave character boxes blank if no valid character is highlighted, and press continue.

8. Thats it, you will get a set of fonts that are very similar to the characters in the image.