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What happened to Sun.com

Last night when i checked for the Sun Microsystems site (http://www.sun.com), i was shocked to see that the site has been redirected to Oracle.com. This is the reflection of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun.

On January 27, 2010, Oracle announced it finalized its acquisition of Sun. This combination will transforms the IT industry. With the addition of servers, storage, SPARC processors, the Solaris operating system, Java, and the MySQL database to Oracle’s portfolio of database, middleware, and business applications, it plans to engineer and deliver open and integrated systems—from applications to disk—where all the pieces fit and work together out of the box.

It is belived that each layer of the stack will be architected to improve performance, leverage innovation and centralize management so that IT will be more predictable, more supportable, and more secure. If all these are achived customers will be benefited with their system performance, reliability and security going up and their system integration and management costs going down. The changes are effected from the web site of the Sun Microsystems.

At last the giant Oracle has got power over the Sun Microsystems and they started the changes over the Sun website. Those who wants to get accessed to Sun’s site may look at the right top corner for the “Sun Quick Links“.