GenieShout is a Shout box to make open chat between a closed group. Primarily configured to get the details from a PHP web server and can be used inside a closed LAN.


Download latest version of GenieShout from Google Code.


• Adobe AIR 2.5 or greater is needed to install the GenieShout. You can get the Adobe AIR from Here.

Steps – Server Side
• Download and install the SSICode.exe from the downloads section.
• Copy the files in the SSICode folder named “genieshout” to a Web server, which supports the PHP.
• By default the Group name will be “general”. To add a new group add a entry to “groupNames.itg” as new line in the format “GroupID##!##GroupName”. The group name will ne listed automatically in the login window of the applicaiton on successful server configuration.
• Logs and other files will be automatically updated in the server context.
Steps – Client Side
• Install the GenieShout.air file downloaded.
• Key in the Server IP address in the first configuration window.
• On successful configuration of the server the default “General” group name will be shown. If the group names are updated in the server, it will be updated in login page.


• To Test the GenieAlert, give the server detail as “”.