Easier way to Earn through Yahoo Contributors Network (YCN)

Yahoo has become one of the biggest content producers on net. It all happened when Yahoo purchased Associated contents for $100 millon. Not long after, it was rebranded as Yahoo Contributor Network (YCN). Using YCN, anyone can publish just anything with the push of a button – articles, videos and photos – to associated content and yahoo partenr sites, and get paid for it. YCN opens new opportunity ti freelancers and business alike to find new audineces, earn revenue and promote their brands.

Steps Involved:

1. Registration
This all starts with a simple registration page which asks for personal information. Be sure to include all your websites, Facebook and twitter profiles(and any other relevant networks). YCN will use this information to determine what contributors get which assignments, including localized assignments such as community reports and business  reviews, linking to websites, blogs and online profiles helps extend your network both in and outside the YCN community Рand this is vital for making some money out there.

2. Submitting contents
The next step comes the content submission. During this process you will create a title, description, tags, photos and supporting informations like keywords that given maximum possibility to get the search engines to you contents. Be specific to add your own images to your contents than adding the external images, its better avoiding images if not since YCN has its own image guidelines for image use else use Yahoo public gallery. Editors at YCN will manually review your first three submissions for publication.

3. Getting Paid
Earnings with YCN comes in two basic forms, up-front payments and performance payments. All payments are made via PayPal.
Up-front payments can be selected as an option when submitting contents and the review process can take about 10 days. Once accepted, the content is published and eligible for performance payments. Offer is made ranging from $2 to $15.
The Performance payments are based on every 1000 pages viewq your content receives. Payments starts from $1.50 per 1000 views.

4. Content Distribution
When it comes to content distribution there types of distribution are provided.
Exclusive means the yahoo owns the right to the content once it is published. The content cannot have been previously published nor can it be republished by you. This leads to better performance according to YCN, since the contents are not reproduced.
Non Exculsive means content producer is free to publish the content anywhere.
Display-Only means content may have been previoulsy published, can be republished by you and is completely under users control.

5. Getting Business
The content you publish is the commodity. It is shared across a network and you can benefit by including your business or product within this content, references to your industry etc. This takes your product to the people who have not even heard about thus getting in your products and comapny to higher heights.