MegaCloud – a free cloud storage service

MegaCloud is a free cloud storage service that lets you backup, store, sync and share your photos, music, videos and more with friends across every device.

With MegaCloud for mobile you can manage and share your documents, photos, movies and music on the go, easier than ever before.
Not only can you share and sync your files across different devices or amongst friends, family and work colleagues but with MegaCloud for Android you can also access your files on the go.

>> Access and manage your files on the go
>> Easily share photos, videos and files across twitter & Facebook
>> Add Facebook friends to MegaCloud with one click
>> Create Shareable links to share your files to your friends
>> Upload photos and videos from your device to MegaCloud
>> Sync files across different devices
>> Read documents and even stream music and videos directly within the app
>> View your files offline by saving them as Favorites
>> View files in both gallery and slide show formats
>> Backup your photos and much more for free
>> Revisit and restore earlier versions of your files
>> Review and retrieve deleted files
>> In-App Text Editormega

Download the MegaCloud apps to get an extra 3GB of storage for FREE!

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Anonymous warns the world!!

The hackers group, Anonymous, has said it is going to continue its campaign against web censorship in 2013. The group released a statement over the weekend, warning the world to “Expect us 2013”.

The group has also released a video featuring its campaign and strikes carried out in the year 2012. The video includes the group’s temporary shutdown of the various US sites in protest of the U.S. government’s indictment of the operators of popular file-hosting site MegaUpload.

The video also features the group’s campaign against Syrian government sites over alleged shutdown of the Internet. It also shows Anonymous’ campaign against the Israeli government to protest the latter’s attacks on Gaza.

“The operations which are listed in the video are only examples, there are far more operations,” Anonymous wrote in the statement. “Some of them still running, like Operation Syria. We are still here.”

Anonymous had been quite active in India as well in 2012. The group took down various Indian sites to protest ban on file sharing websites. The hackers recently defaced Union minister Kapil Sibal’s website.

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